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Air Around Us


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1.1 Introduction

Air Around Us
Presence of Air

Do you know what is air?

Do you know the existance of air?

Is it present around us?

Have you ever seen air?

Have you ever felt the presence of air?

These are some common questions we can discuss and interact with children in classroom.TThrough the discussion and interaction we can develop interest in children to know more about air. These questions can be used as a trigger to carryout discussions and making children develop theirv imagination and creative thoughts.

1.2 Objectives

After going through this module teachers will be able to:

i) understand the concept of air around us.

ii) know the importance of Air.

iii)feel the presence of Air around us.

1.3 Concept of Air

Air occupies space like it fills all the space in a bottle. It is present everywhere around us. We can feel its presence through many ways. It has no color. We can see through it means it is transparent.

1.4 Presence of Air

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The presence of air can be understood by many ways. e.g. when we take a deep breathe, we feel that some cool air goes inside through our nose File:Breathe.jpg , the air pressure in a balloon File:Balloon.jpg, the air pressure in a tyre File:Tyre.jpg, a football File:Ball.jpgthe cool air in front of a cooler/AC File:Cooler.jpg File:Ac.jpgetc.

1.4.1 Activities

  1. Make a Firki of our own. Hold the stick of the Firki and place it in different in an open area. Move it a little back & fro. Observe that what happens? Does the Firki rotate? Tell what makes a Firki rotate? i.e. Moving Air.
  1. Use of Weather Cock, File:cock.jpgwhich shows the direction in which the Air is moving or blowing at that place.
  1. Dip an open bottle in inverted position in a bucket of water.

Observe that what happens? Does the water enter in to the bottle? Now tilt the bottle slightly and see that the bubbles coming out of water, which shows that there was some air it the bottle.

Materials Required

  1. One Firki.
  1. One Weather Cock.
  1. One empty bottle and a bucket full of water.

1.5 Sum Up

Air is found everywhere around us. We can not see the air but we can feel it through many ways. Hence we can say that how important to know the concept of Air around us.

1.6 Assignments

1. can you give an illustrate in your classroom to make children feel the presence of air around them/

2. Make children seat in groups. Ask them to develop an example to develop concept pertaining to presence of air.

3. Ask children to list activities from their day to day experiences to show the presence of air around us.

1.7 Suggested Readings

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