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Developing Language Skills in English at the Primary Level


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In our country we are teaching English as second language. Different states have introduced English as a second language at different levels. For eg while comparing the four south Indian states i-e Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka and Andra Pradesh English has been taught from Class I except Andra where it is introduced from Class III.

The main aim of introducing English is to communicate effectively when they complete their secondary education. The main aim of teaching a language is to develop the LSRW skills. But most of the students are unable to communicate in English because of lack of exposure, lack usage etc., So keeping the present scenario in view, an attempt is made to teach the language skills using wrappers and advertisements. So as per the suggestions emphasized by NCF 2005, which insists more on child friendly and child centered education based on the experiences and knowledge of the child.


  1. To remove the fear of learning English
  2. Developing language skills by using familiar wrappers and advertisements to the children
  3. To help the teachers about the usage of wrappers and advertisements in teaching learning process.
  4. To help the children to develop discourses.
  5. To help the children to use simple English.(simple structures)

Expected Outcomes

  1. Teachers use the wrappers and Ads effectively in the Classroom situations.
  2. Children will make effort to collect the familiar wrappers and andvertisements
  3. Children acquire the basic skills of language
  4. They try to converse with the teacher and the peer group.
  5. Children will prepare simple discourses in English


The teacher can use different Types of wrappers, sign boards and advertisements. in the class room which are familiar to the children.

Types of skills to be developed through wrappers and advertisements

  • Oral Skills
  • Written skills

Oral Skills Asking questions, elicits the answer, few sentences about the wrapper/Ad etc.,,

Writing Skills - Vocabulary,

Activity I

The teacher plays the video clippings and ask the children to watch and listout the things/products they have seen in the clippings.


The teacher shows the familiar wrappers of different products to the children and after some informal talks she asks the following questions and elicits the answers from the children.

  1. Have you ever seen this wrapper?
  2. What is the colour of this wrapper?
  3. What do you see on this wrapper?
  4. Can you find the cost of this item?
  5. What do we do with this?

Activity II

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Activity II

wrappers Sign boards advertisements
Milk Products Beauty parlor Boost
Soaps Tailor Air tel Ad
Paste Stationery store Three Roses
Detergent Medical store
Tea pack Milk booth
Edible oils
Scented sticks/ agarpathis

Activity III

Dealing with One particular Product, For eg., Bru

  1. What do you have in the morning?
  2. Do you have tea/coffee/milk or anything to drink?
  3. How many of you drink milk/tea/coffee/boost(teacher should elicit the answers)
  • The teacher initiates a friendly talk with the children about the TV advertisements, sign boards, their favorite cricket player and favorite drinks they used to have in the morning,

  • The children's responses

Boost/Complan/Horlicks/Tea? For eg. Boost

  1. Who comes in this advertisement?
  2. What does he say?
  3. What does he have in his hand?
  4. What is your favourate health drink?
  5. What is the colour of the pack?

Expected answers

  1. Sachin Tendulkar
  2. Boost is the secreat of my energy
  3. He has a cup
  4. Responses from the children
  5. It's red in colour

Activity IV

  • Teacher can ask the children to read the letters on different wrappers for class I,II;words for class III,IV ;and simple sentences for class V. Similarly s/he can ask them to write the same.

Activity V

  • Teacher can also ask the children to remember the sign boards they come across in their way to school. She can intiate discussion on them.

Developing discourses

  • Teacher can develop some discourses using the wrappers sign boards and advertisements. The discourses may on writing, speaking.Ask the children in groups to fill the following based on the material availble to them.

Name | use| color| Price|

  • They can also ask the children to sing a small rhymes on any item.

Graphic Reading and Graphic Writing

  • Children could read the wrappers though they don't know how to read and write. Reading without making of any sense is called Graphic Reading .Children have lot of exposure to different types of wrappers so they could read without knowing the letters on the wrappers.
  • Similarly children can writing without knowing the letters of alphabet is called Graphic Writing.

  • Teacher should give exposure to children in developing simple discourses like simple rhymes,simple talks,simple writing activities.


Mysore sandal Mysore Sandal

Sandal sandal Mysore Sandal

I love this Sandal

I like this Sandal

I use it for my bath

Red color blue color green color

red blue green and yellow

I like these colors I love these colors

I play and paint With these colors

Red blue green and yellow


I like this color, Which color do you like? She likes yellow color , which color do you like?

I bath with Mysore sandal ,Which soap do use? He uses Liril , Which soap does she use?


  • For writing(The different formats to be used as for the children standards,and ask to do this either in groups or individually)

I Fill in the blanks(related to different wrappers).

1)par - e

2)colgat -

3)my – ore sandal

4)kit k – t

5)B - u

II Match the following.

Tooth paste

III Read the following words

  • Parle G Biscuits
  • date
  • Price
  • Sandal
  • kit kat

IV Answer the following questions

  • how many children can you see on the Parle G cover?
  • What is the color of the kit kat ?
  • What is price of the Mysore sandal soap?


  • Down loaded from you tube
  • google search
  • video clipnigs
  • wiki pages

Team Members

Saju Thomas.Kerala
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