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Indian Freedom Struggle


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Indian Freedom Struggle


  • The children will learn about the meaning of independence and they will know how it was achieved in India.
  • They will know the power of unity.
  • They will know about the freedom fighters of Indian independence.
  • To develop the emotion of nationality and courage.
  • To aware the about their right and liabilities.
  • To prepare them to stand against exploitation.

Material used to develop the Module

  • Computer and Internet.
  • Books.
  • Pictures and Images.
  • Audio-visual aids.
  • Digital camera.
  • Educational software.


August 15, the Independence day of India, is celebrated with great gusto.It is also a national holiday with educational institutions, private and governmentorganizations remaining closed, but opened for official celebrations (flag hoisting) in the morning.

The teacher will discuss about 15 august (Independence day) celebration with the children .

  • Why it is celebrated every year?
  • What is the importance of the day?




Children, Let's See some videoes related to our Freedom Fight.

Children, Let's see the pictures of some Freedom Fighter who gave their everything for the sake of nation's Freedom..


Main events of Indian independence
Sl. no. Events ! Years
1 Arrival of East India Company in India 1612
2 Battle of plassey 1757
3 Battle of Buxar 1764
4 Indian mutiny 1857
5 Foundation of Indian National Association 1875
6 Foundation of Indian National Congress 1885
7 Partition of Bengal 1905
8 Foundation of Muslim League 1906
9 First World War 1914-1919
10 Return of Gandhiji in India 1915
11 Non-Cooperation movement 1920
12 Foundation of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association 1928
13 Foundation of Indian National Army 1942
14 Quit India Movement 1942
15 Indian Independence 1947


File:Presentation EVALUTION.ppt


Points added for a correct answer:  
Points for a wrong answer:
Ignore the questions' coefficients:

1. When did battle of Buxar fought?


2. When did battle of Plassey fought?


3. Who was the Founder of Hindustan Socialist Republican Association?

Jawahar lal Nehru
Mohan Das Karam Chand Ghandhi
Bhagat Singh
Chandra shekhar Azad

4. When did India got Freedom?

15 August 1948
26 January 1950
15 August 1947
26 January 1947

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Our Team

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Dr. Anand Dwivedi
Mr. Balendu Bhushan Singh
Dr.Kuldeep Tiwari, Dr.Anand Dwivedi Mr. Balendu Bhushan Singh
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